Babylon 2019 Aç Kendini

For Babylon's 2018-2019 season opening, we created a campaign to trigger the viewer's motivation to open up and reveal themselves, and to start a fresh conversation amongst the venue's target audience. The campaign, which also includes an initial launch phase, was presented with the Best Commercial Ad award by the Association of Graphic Designers in Turkey (GMK).

Client Pozitif
Agency Monroe
Creative Director Onur Gökalp
Art Director Eda Gündüz
Copywriter Nur Yıldırım Eser
Project Manager Bahan Erşen
Photographer Ozan Gür​​​​​​​
Retouch Artist Metin Türk
Videographer Şükrü Özçelik
Motion Designer Mahmut Kalyoncu

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